This Great Country of Ours…3 Days on the Liberal Express

Rather than provide links for all the places and people we met, I’ll just say that I spent 3 days on the Liberal Express with Michael Ignatieff, from Pickering to Ajax to Markham to Toronto to Orillia to Camp Couchiching to Rosseau to Barrie to Caledon to Brampton....... The Liberal Express blog has lots of photos of the whole tour. And it was great fun. It was nice to spend some time with MP colleagues wearing shorts, sandals, T-shirts and flip-flops; the Young Liberals on board were good fun; Michael was terrific, the reception on the ground was extraordinarily warm and welcoming, the reaction excellent—all in all, it was really positive, and as the first week of a 7-week tour, bodes well for the summer. Lucky Michael and the team get to spend the whole summer exploring this great country of ours, and meeting so many of the great people who live here.

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