A novel nomination idea?

A novel nomination idea?

There is much talk about how the nomination process for political candidates is flawed. There are concerns that the current process poses particular barriers for potential women candidates.

Much of the problem lies with "instant members"--people who are persuaded to join the party in question (all major Canadian political parties do it this way), solely for the purpose of electing a particular candidate. Many of us have been through the process, some of us several times, and we have all seen the flaws. Some of it can be downright ugly.

It is, technically, "democratic", insofar as the candidate is chosen by vote of all the members. However, I have always been concerned about how that particular group of members is established. Enough to say that the process and the methods used often leave a fair bit to be desired, in the drive for those all-powerful numbers. It also begs larger questions about what "membership" means, and about political engagement itself, when someone joins a political party for no real purpose other than for a single vote for a specific candidate.

Have a look at Preston Manning's suggestion in today's Globe and Mail.

What do you think?



Korean Canadian Liberal Association Gala

Congratulations to the Korean Canadian Liberal Association on the terrific Gala event last night, with big thanks to Justin Trudeau who gave the keynote speech. Thanks also to David Zimmer, MPP for Willowdale and Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Minister of Education and MPP for Don Valley West, both of whom came to show their support, with David also bringing greetings from Premier Dalton McGuinty. Congratulations to Sonny Cho, president of the KCLA and to all of the volunteers who helped create a such a successful and well-attended event--well done!! On a personal note, it was great for me to see so many friends, to be able to bring greetings and congratulations to the KCLA on behalf of Michael Ignatieff, and to do Justin's introduction. I didn't even have to mention that all you need to do is offer him kimchi and he'll come---he pretty much did that himself :-) I also took the opportunity to say thank you to the Korean Canadian community for being so extraordinarily warm and welcoming to me, as the relatively new MP for Willowdale, and how much I look forward to a long and strong future together. A great evening was had by all.

Here are a few photos from the night, more will be available on Flickr very soon!


A different kind of wildlife.

I'm back in Ottawa today for a news release (see Issues at the Moment), Ottawa has different wildlife in the summer....