A novel nomination idea?

A novel nomination idea?

There is much talk about how the nomination process for political candidates is flawed. There are concerns that the current process poses particular barriers for potential women candidates.

Much of the problem lies with "instant members"--people who are persuaded to join the party in question (all major Canadian political parties do it this way), solely for the purpose of electing a particular candidate. Many of us have been through the process, some of us several times, and we have all seen the flaws. Some of it can be downright ugly.

It is, technically, "democratic", insofar as the candidate is chosen by vote of all the members. However, I have always been concerned about how that particular group of members is established. Enough to say that the process and the methods used often leave a fair bit to be desired, in the drive for those all-powerful numbers. It also begs larger questions about what "membership" means, and about political engagement itself, when someone joins a political party for no real purpose other than for a single vote for a specific candidate.

Have a look at Preston Manning's suggestion in today's Globe and Mail.

What do you think?



  1. Anonymous27.7.09

    The days of vertical communication are coming to an end. The winners and losers in future elections will be decided by how parties and politicians show a willingness to be open, honest and transparent to it's electorate. If you're a politician with advisers who want to control information and use fear to justify their arguments. Be wary, be very wary because that old war horse strategists of yours will take you down and you won't know what hit you till it's over. A majority of Obama's team was under 35 for an important reason. Learn from it and you will win, ignore it and you will lose.

    P.S. Please be aware that the above comment is directed at all politicians and no one person or persons in this riding.

  2. Anonymous21.10.09

    You seem better suited as a Conservative than a Liberal. Get out of the sinking ship now before the next election (2011 or 2012).
    Just one view...