UPDATE: Conservative abuse of millions of dollars of gov't advertising for partisan benefit

Here is yet another example of the Conservative government using tax-payer-paid advertising and other gov't assets to promote itself, and to mislead Canadians about what's really going on with their so-called economic plan.

Gerald Keddy:

The Conservative logo should not appear on a cheque from the government of Canada.

We need your help!

We are gathering all of the additional examples we can, so please comment below with any examples you have seen online including website links, or send us a hard copy to 368 Confederation Building, Ottawa ON K1A 0A6 (no postage required) or by fax to: 613.992.1158.


  1. Anonymous15.10.09


    This link is from a local paper, Manotick/Winchester EMC. The picture is a bit blurry (could not get a better resolution than this), but it shows a cheque signed by Pierre Poilievre, Conservative MP for Nepean-Carleton.

  2. Anonymous15.10.09

    can't see who is signed the check, but you can make out the top using a cpc slogan


  3. a_picazo16.10.09

    check into spending in Pat Davidson's riding (Conservative riding in Sarnia-Lambton in SW Ontario)

    my family back there says there are cheques rolled out nonstop still!