Conservative abuse of millions of dollars of gov't advertising for partisan benefit.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. The Conservative government is using tax-payer-paid advertising and other gov't assets to promote itself, and to mislead Canadians about what's really going on with their so-called economic plan. They are using taxpayers' money to promote themselves. They are quite simply trying to buy us, and eventually our votes, with our own money---millions and millions of our own dollars.

We saw this in Ontario under Mike Harris---and it's not a coincidence that many of that same gang are now in Ottawa--Guy Giorno, John Baird, Jim Flaherty....... We stopped this abuse in Ontario with tough, Liberal legislation---we need to stop it at the federal level too.

In the meantime, we are looking for examples of this abuse---gov't ads, publications and websites that do less "informing" and more "patting themselves on the back". For example, ad copy, radio spots, government websites that are very partisan (lots of Conservative blue, photos of the PM and ministers; photos of "announcements'" that feature local Conservative candidates but no Liberals; gov't-paid-for web sites that have links to Conservative Party websites; return addresses on mailings that are private entities, not the government; ads that direct readers or listeners to Harper's "economic plan vanity site".

WE NEED YOUR HELP! I have written to the Treasury Board, showing how this abuse of gov't ad spending for partisan advantage breaks several laws.

We are gathering all of the additional examples we can, so please comment below with any examples you have seen online including website links, or send us a hard copy to 368 Confederation Building, Ottawa ON K1A 0A6 (no postage required) or by fax to: 613.992.1158.

Thanks in advance for all your help,



  1. There are ads on Facebook that trouble me - Stephen Harper is holding a cheque under the heading "Can't Pay your Mortgage?" - The link takes you to a website that sells grant application packages that you can get for free from the Feds and are unlikely to be of any value to consumers. What troubles me is that Stephen Harper is very image concsious so why would he allow his face to be on these ads?
    Either it is kickbacks or he has left them alone as part of his media spin (free advertising) These are deceptive and should be brought to the Office of the PMO for an answer.

  2. Anonymous13.10.09


    I'm sure you have identified the "Government of Canada's Economic Action Plan" commercial. The messaging in this ad is highly partisan and self promoting. Harper, Baird and Flahery have often reiterated the words used in this commercial. The messaging is subtle, but that's the beauty of intelligent and subliminal marketing. However, when the commercial's statement are bumped up against what is actually happening with the stimulus money, the opposite is true. So, this commercial is a blatant misleading and manipulative ad campaign that only engages in self promotion, and panders to those Canadians who are less informed.

  3. Anonymous14.10.09


    This is my local MP's web site. Nothing says "non-partisan" like a big, blue, cheque.

  4. Anonymous7.11.09

    Wow. So our tax money is being spent on advertising? A newspaper or tv story once in a while would do fine I think. But millions of dollars? It's a waste.

  5. Anonymous9.11.09

    I live in Peter Van Loan's riding of Georgina. He has been flooding our mailboxes with admail for years now, all paid for by taxpayers, of course. The flyers he sends are not informative but usually just bash Michael Ignatieff or deliver false information as to the workings and intent of the Liberal party. I understand this is standard practice by the conservatives, right across Canada. Each time they arrive, at least weekly, I send it back with comments, my name and email address, and a request to cease this waste of my tax dollars. I have *never* received a reply.

    One of the more egregious flyers was entitled "Peter Van Loan delivers for Georgina", as we recently got some Federal funding for a recreation park. "one example of the Conservative Government's commitment to support communities".

    The Conservative party had NO commitment to support communities until they were threatened with a loss of confidence vote in parliament. How stupid they are to think we forget that.

    Martha, I will gladly mail some of these flyers to you, I usually receive 2 or 3 in my mailbox at a time.


  6. Anonymous14.1.10

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