Marketing’s “Great Canadian Creative Faceoff”

“Marketing’s “Great Canadian Creative Faceoff” competition is now on, and I am shamelessly promoting one of the finalists, Cindy Schultz . Cindy is the most creative person I know. Her blog makes me cry with laughter every time I read a new post (advance warning, however---it’s not for the faint of heart) You have to see her work to understand... she is truly both inspired and inspiring. I don’t know any of the other finalists, so this isn’t any comment on their work—I’m sure it’s great, just to have been named as finalists in the competition. But I encourage everyone to check out Cindy Schultz at http://halifaxbroad.blogspot.com/; click on the jumping girl image under “My Other Dark Side” to see more of Cindy’s work; sign up for her email messages (it’s therapy of a very unique kind); and most of all---VOTE FOR CINDY SCHULTZ at http://www.creativefaceoff.ca/
If you are on Twitter you can also vote for her by posting this hashtag: #creativefaceoffvote13
- Martha


  1. Anonymous18.10.09

    So this is a team effort, eh??!! Martha needs all the help she can get!! Her peformance today on Question Period just shows how inexperienced & uninformed she really is. She was lead down the garden path by con Dean Del Mastro which lead to her trying to defend the sponsorship scandal and adscam. Falling in the polls has most Liberals scrambling to grasp at any irrelevant issue available and it's sad to see Martha following the same misguided path. The Liberals were once a party of positivity, creation and vision but has now become a disorganised mess of dirt digging, doom and gloom............Disgruntled Liberal...

  2. Hey thanks Martha! Cindy