Summer Caucus

Needless to say, our caucus retreat this past week was eventful, with Michael Ignatieff making it very, very clear that we Liberals will no longer support the Harper government. We all feel a sense of relief that we can now, truly, stand up for things that are so important to us as Liberals. In addressing caucus the day after his announcement, Michael was clearly in fine form. We could see, and hear, and feel his relief at his decision---he was confident, enthusiastic, eloquent and passionate about the future. In short, he was terrific.

And it is fascinating to watch Jack Layton and the NDP with their waffling and mixed messages!! How extraordinary, after so much ‘holier than thou’ posturing about ‘never’ supporting Stephen Harper. The tables are turned; the NDP are now facing the practical challenges of an election that doesn’t suit their own timing (or poll results!)—and lo and behold, their principles, if Jack Layton had any to begin with, seem to have disappeared.

These are interesting times...

On a personal level, it was really nice to catch up with so many colleagues who have also become good friends. We were all very busy with our ridings over the summer, but I was glad to see that colleagues who are often so hard-working all of the time, also managed to get some time this summer with their families.

And a final note of thanks about the warm welcome we were given by Sudbury and Northern Ontario, it was wonderful. We look forward to turning the whole region Liberal red again!

Throughout caucus I conducted a little experiment and used Twitter to create a mini photo journal of the event, as seen below.

Liberal Women's Caucus roundtable with representatives from various Sudbury organizations.

Kristina Gasparini, Carol Hartman - new Lib candidate + Janet Gasparini, who also fought for the nomination. What a great team we have!

During break in ON caucus mtgs, Frank Valeriote + Andrew Kania online- power of being connected :)

Here’s Justin right after @M_Ignatieff speech - the look on J's face (and his shirt) says it all!!
This photo even made it to Macleans: http://www2.macleans.ca/2009/09/01/well-justin-is-convinced/

Larry Bagnell MP + wife Melissa Craig + daughter Aurora Sage as we all get ready for big #lpc rally

Deputy House Leader Marlene Jennings recharging after an eventful day--"Why bother with veggies when you have french fries??

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  1. Oh, for heaven's sake. Can anyone, either in the LPC or supporting them, find a novel argument, let alone a non-hypocritical one?

    Let's review here. For the past year the LPC has been propping up the Harper government. Now, the LPC decides it's actually going to oppose -- what it should have been doing already, but better late than never, I suppose. (Hey, remember when the LPC could've entered government without going to an election?)

    However, given that there are two other parties in the House, any one of which could prevent an election, the NDP sees an opportunity to get some of their policies enacted into law. Not a huge opportunity, given the inability of the Harper Conservatives to make compromises, but an opportunity. And Liberals have the audacity to claim that this shows the NDP are unprincipled? For trying to do more than Liberals ever managed to accomplish? Keep in mind that the NDP have not voted to support the Conservatives yet, and have made no serious indication that they will. And Liberals actually voted confidence in the Conservatives how many times?

    Really, what do you think the election, if it happens, is likely to do? If current polls hold -- and elections introduce volatility, which you are conveniently ignoring -- then, at best, the LPC will get a minority government. And who will be voting confidence in the LPC? The Bloc? (Who, I note, aren't mentioned here. Can we look forward to more giveaways to Quebec?) The Conservatives, whom you now claim to oppose? Or the NDP?

    As for the nonsense about election timing, The Jurist debunks this fairly adroitly here.

    It would be nice to have an election that was about ideas and policies. Typically, though, Liberals have decided it'll be about cheap shots and dishonesty.