Canada's place in a changing world.

My first degree was in International Relations (UofT), and when I went on to study and practice law, a significant portion was international law, and international trade and commerce.

Since the end of my "formal" studies, I have continued to be a student of international affairs, recognizing the importance of international relations to so much of what we do.

And I am so proud of what Canada and Canadians have done on the international stage, from my grandfather and others in WW1, my father landing on D-Day in WW2, to people like Lester Pearson winning the Nobel Peace Prize (and doubly proud that Pearson was a Liberal--proud as I am of what my Dad accomplished in WW2, he was definitely Conservative!)

I was therefore really pleased that Michael Ignatieff spoke this past week on his vision for Canada's place in the world, on Canada re-establishing itself as a constructive participant in world affairs. Even more, I was really excited about the substance he offered, with a number of concrete ideas about what we can, and should, do. Please read Michael Ignatieff's speech to the Canadian Club of Ottawa. I'd love to hear what you think.

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  1. I feel that Micael Ignatieff has been forceful, changed man since September 1st, when he made his Sudbury Speech, in which he got the word out in no uncertain terms that he was not prepared to show any Confidence in Stephen Harper's Government. He spoke about a vision of Canada that did not include a Right wing agenda, such as Harper's. He stated that Harper's Record was now the Issue!

    In this latest speech in Toronto, Micheal Ignatieff simply expounded on His and the Liberal Party's vision of Canada. That vision is grounded by A Knowledge based Society, engaged with the World to Support a Greener, more Compassionate Canada.

    He is absolutely on message, and no longer has the burden of propping up this rather odd minority Government. He needs to stay on that message and continue to Familiarize Canadians with the Record of the 22nd PM.

    Gotta run, Ignatieff is just coming on to
    speak with Sandy Renaldo.

    Great Interview! Harper MIA!