Canvass in Willowdale: a day of non-election, non-campaign door-knocking

In Willowdale, we have decided to some non-election, non-campaign door-knocking. We hope to do this about once a month, although after the success of our first one Saturday, we may do it even more often. It was great. We had a terrific group of volunteers out--Markus, Rose, Ken, Ryan, Katie, Allessia and Adrian--the weather was gorgeous, and most of all, the reaction was just great. A couple of people were nervous that an election had been called without them knowing it (!!) but once reassured no, they were genuinely pleased that we were out, without an election. It was such a good opportunity to just ask folks what they were concerned about; what issues were top of mind for them, etc.

We received some good ideas, some good suggestions, a few important concerns about the current government were raised---and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to all who came out, and thanks to all who opened their doors to engage in some discussion.

Watch for the next date for our "non-election" door-knocking (assuming, of course, that we'll still NOT be in an election). All are welcome to come out with us!


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