Canada 150

This past weekend was an exciting one for the politicos in our country. People from across the country gathered in Montreal, online, and in 70 satellite conferences in various regions (including one in Willowdale!) from coast to coast to coast. Though the event was hosted by Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada it was non-partisan allowing for an open, thoughtful and frank discussion on where Canadian policy needs to go and how we are going to get there.

As a Young Liberal participating in the Montreal conference (and online, seeing as the Internet is more or less attached permanently to my hand) I had the chance to converse with some truly amazing people. The weekend was inspirational to say the least.

We talked about the challenges of an aging population, the changing job market, the economy, the environment, carbon tax. We explored culture and the effects of the digital age, we looked at youth representation and the impact of the voluntary sector and NGOs. This multi-directional conversation is an exciting and dynamic dialogue that, I think, is allowing more people the opportunity to engage in politics – and isn’t that what democracy is, everyone with a voice, everyone engaged? Well it is the democracy I want to be a part of at least. One where citizens are excited about politics and eager to contribute.

For more on Canada 150 and to watch videos of the conference proceedings from Montreal check out the website: http://can150.ca/


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