Liberals Are Working

Despite Steven Harper shutting down parliament Martha and her colleagues in the Liberal caucus are hard at work in Ottawa. The Liberal caucus members are engaging in critical discussion with experts on some of the most important issues facing Canadians.

The week kicked off with a series of roundtables on jobs. Martha and Marc Garneau moderated a conversation on High-tech and clean energy jobs,

Tuesday the focus was on governance with Marlene Jennings, while yesterday we looked at women’s issues hosted by Anita Neville.

Today we are examining veteran’s affairs with Rob Oliphant and Friday the focus will be on health with a panel discussion on Alzheimer’s and dementia in the morning hosted by Kirsty Duncan, in the afternoon she will be joined by Carolyn Bennett for an online town hall.

For more information please see Liberal.ca

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  1. I hope your working on a ways to win votes from the #GPC and #NDP, because if the #LPC doesn't find a way to unite the Centre Left base, a divided vote just hands PMSH an easy #elxn41 victory. Maybe the #LPC is content being the official opposition, but this nation needs bold and innovative action to save it from the #CPC government. A PMSH majority will give the #CDNLEFT 4 years to figure things out. Why not come together today and plant the seeds for the defeat of PMSH. "The enemy of your enemy, is your ally!" PMSH is our common enemy!! Let's get rid of him ASAP!!!