Young Liberals to Copenhagen

Last week we posted a note on Facebook about Hillary’s fundraising efforts to get her to Copenhagen for the COP-15 UN Climate Change Conference where she will represent the Young Liberals as a member of the IFLRY delegation. This followed some fun and impromptu support we gave Hillary when she came to a Willowdale Pub night:

I also want to encourage everyone to help Elizabeth Dubois (yes, I am biased because Elizabeth works part time in my Office in Ottawa!) and the entire delegation of Young Liberals who have been selected to go to Copenhagen. They all have to pay their own way and would love any help possible.

For more information and to donate please contact Elizabeth Dubois, the delegation coordinator at OttawaAtCOP15@gmail.com

Be sure to check out one of the Climate Change Town Halls happening in your area!

Next one will be held this Wednesday, December 2 at 7:00-8:30pm at Carleton University in Ottawa, Room 210 Tory Building.

Elizabeth will be blogging about her time experience in Copenhagen so be sure to check back for updates!


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  1. Anonymous9.12.09

    I live in the Willowdale area right near Martha's Office on Sheppard Avenue.

    I visited the other day to inquire about the Copenhagen 15 event that is going on right now. I was wondering what topics are being discussed at the event in the light of the recent CRU emails that have been leaked?

    I have read many of these emails (although there are over 3000 of them) and much of this information is very alarming to say the least.

    To be to the point: Many of these emails are between prominent climate change scientists discussing how to manipulate scientific data to "Hide the Decline" in global temperatures, and ousting or blacklisting climate change skeptics. This hurts democracy and transparency on the issue.

    I hope these topics are being discussed, because I feel that these issues play an even more vital role in the future of our planet than just the ability to make a commodity out of Carbon.

    Any updates on the meeting would be wonderful, as the event has selectively cut out many of the independent news papers and media sources that I am both part of, and enjoy reading.

    Thanks. I will be chacking back on an hourly basis for any updates or blogs from Elizabeth and other Young Liberals.