A trip to Willowdale

Hello and welcome to the first blog entry from a member of Team Martha! Let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Rhea and I'm a Parliamentary Intern on the Hill. I'm part of the Parliamentary Internship Programme (check out: http://www.pip-psp.org/) that gives ten young professionals who have completed at least one degree the opportunity to work with MPs from both sides of the house for ten months. I started my internship working for Conservative MP Merv Tweed from Brandon-Souris Manitoba and am thrilled to be finishing my year as part of Team Martha.

This week I had the opportunity to go along with Martha to Willowdale to spend time in the riding. My very first trip to Toronto ever! Coming from British Columbia I really haven't seen much of Ontario yet, something I'm working hard to fix. The past few days in Willowdale have been incredible and very fast paced (although trying to keep up with Martha's schedule is always an endurance test).

First on the agenda was a meeting with the Ontario Liberal Interns at St. Michael's Campus. There was a super turn out with more and more people streaming in during the afternoon meeting. Martha was great at getting the whole group involved and the discussion covered everything from federal-provincial relations to parliamentary prorogation, and the dangers of partisan politics.

One evening I had the chance to attend a meeting between leaders from the Iranian Community in Willowdale and Martha. Ten extremely inspirational members attended all passionately advocating not only for their community, but also for support to promote cross-cultural exchange encouraging understanding and appreciation between ethnic communities.

Time spent at the constituency office really seems like a blur as I was introduced to many Martha supporters who dropped by with completed membership forms as part of the membership drive, and various constituents (individuals and groups) who came to have meetings with Martha.

Back to the little government town of Ottawa on Saturday. Thanks to Martha and the Willowdale Constituency Staff for showing me the ropes out in the riding. Check back soon for entries from some of the other members of Team MHF!

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  1. Wait: the non-partisan constituency office was used for Liberal party membership drop off? Might want to stop doing that, MHF!